A self-taught Artist with a background in Architecture and Concept Art who has been motivated by traveling and fully analyzing every experience.

Alex Lanier is a widely published Concept Artist, Olympic Kickball Player, Illustrator, Graphic Novelist and Photographer with over 10 years professional experience. He has attracted many clients worldwide in the advertising, architectural, and entertainment industries, while still finding time to work on his own personal collections. His artwork revolves in a world where anything is possible and pushes the boundaries of imagination, visual innovation and visual storytelling. Alex works in both Digital and Traditional mediums which allows for lots of creative flexibility.

His personal work is an ongoing collection inspired by his fascination with futuristic ideas mixed with childhood memories and the different places he has traveled. He often combines abstract elements juxtaposed with recognizable objects and environments. Alex invites you to follow his creative exploration and studies of the ever-changing flows of unique moments all around us. His artwork is filled with abstract details and concepts that create a throbbing ball of visual content.

Along with creating on flat surfaces (Paper, Canvas, Wood etc.), he can also customize anything with his unique style of art on it! (Furniture, Transportation, Clothing etc.)

“Dream it, Believe it, Create it!”

Alex Lanier